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Apple Watch number share


Having huge problems trying to activate mobile with new Apple Watch.

when I get to setup mobile, keeps coming up ‘Optus number share. Service temporarily unavailable. Connection error. Try again’.


I have disabled wifi, to no avail. And no one on chat can help me either and just keeps sending me an Apple link to help. 


Please help Optus!

Re: Apple Watch number share


Exact same issue here. Can someone please look into this for us urgently!

Re: Apple Watch number share


I’m having the same issue with the Apple Watch series 3. I’m on an Optus plan and it also comes up with the same response being that the service is temporarily unavailable.

Please let let me know if anyone has an answer or knows how to resolve this issue.




Re: Apple Watch number share


I am having the same issue.  A bit frustrating when I am guessing a few people got a new watch for Christmas, and the 6 months free sim share has to be activated by 31 December.


I also have the issue when I go to the page to check if my plan is eligible and it says it isn't.  I am still in contract so hoping I can change whatever I need to so my watch is actually usable!  Unable to do that online and no one available today, hope they are open tomorrow.

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I’m experiencing the same problem. I logged a call on chat and the guy was very persistent. It took over an hour trying alternative ways but to no avail. This is very frustrating. 


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Experiencing the same issue here, chat was very unhelpful , have not even tried to call yet, hopefully Optus gets this sorted quickly 

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Same here.  Spent time on numerous Chat sessions and we are just wasting one anothers time.  Obviously not working at the optus end.  Probably needs some manual support from their end which they are not staffing over the long weekend.  Any thoughts Optus?

Re: Apple Watch number share


I was experiencing the same issue and was just able to get through the set up.


it might be working for everyone now!


Re: Apple Watch number share


After 2 x 2 hour chat sessions, one included being transferred to 5 different people from tech support to accounts to billing to customer service back to tech support, they finally elevated my problem.


ive been told so many differing things including...

-you must be signed up to a min 2 year contract

-you can only do number share with a new iPhone bought at optus

-it’s apples fault (x3)

-try pairing and unpairing (x5)



finally optus admitted it was a problem at their back end.


you could’ve handled this so much better Optus. Instead you just annoyed a whole bunch of customers that want to leave you. 

Yes it’s fixed.

No, Optus response and blame-game/inconsistent solutions was not satisfactory.




Re: Apple Watch number share


Thanks! Working for me now - I had to do a chat through the app so they could do something to my plan so I could have it activated. 


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