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maybe it's time for the Optus programmers to talk to their counterparts in the opposition to ask them how it's done. LOL

Re: Apple Watch (Cellular) - Enterprise/Business


Hi there, thanks for the broader context. 

While I can appreciate complexities of evolving technologies and how to migrate systems etc. However, I am in disbelief the product, business and industry cannot seem to adapt - from a simple Billing misalignment. 

What is more surpirsing, this is also compounded with the impact being felt by the Enterprise customers - which I can imagine are a vital segment of revenue and also in the client mix may have higher likelihood of owning multiple devices and number sharing etc. 


So, while I am about to reach 1 year of Apple Watch (Celluar) ownership - I have not been able to use the Cellular capability of the watch. Is there any resultion on the horizon? or do I escalate my concerns internally with our commercial team to gauge next steps of when the tender of Phone provider comes around again. 




Re: Apple Watch (Cellular) - Enterprise/Business


I totally get your point @Skimmo, unfortunately isn't not as simple as it seems. I have no details as to when or if this will change either I'm afraid. I have made note of your feedback though, I'm really sorry we can't offer you a better outcome 

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