Apple Watch 3 Stock


When is there going to be more stock of the apple watch 3 as i want to upgrade my plan to the iphone 8 plus and apple watch bundle. 

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Not to sure i ordered mine on fri night with my iphone 10 so i am hoping it will arrive on the same day as my phone

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Hi @courtpt and @Saints78 - we have no exact word on when stock will be allocated out. If you check here intermittently, it shows whether we have online stock. You can also contact your local store here to see what stock they have available. 

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Re: Apple Watch 3 Stock


Be wary of ordering with Optus Online.


I ordered a iphone X with a watch recieved an intial confirmation with the watch on it only to be told after the phone was delivered that there were no watches. see


My suggestion is go to a store and they can do the same and they have stock and you can be guaranteed to have it unlike online ordering which seems to be a lottery.

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