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I had the misfortune of having my sim card number stolen?? Never thought it was pssible, ugh.

Then to top it all off the mobile number that had been allocated to me also became the property of the thief!!

So because of these 2 things I had to get  a new sim card. The sim I had was for the $20 Coles Plan; I was directed to go

to the Optus shop in Springwood and get an new sim card, which I did. Then another hour on the phone trying to make sense

of what had happened to find Optus customer care had given me the incorrect plan, ugh. Finally a guy said "Go to Coles

and get a new $2 sim card and I will ring u at the shop and activate yr sim card over the phone" Should've been simple but wasnt, ugh. This is Australia, people from other countries choose to think we are clones of the States, or Australia is just another state of the USA!!! We dont have tabu words like they do, we also teach our children NOT to say 'Shut Up' (that's another gripe, ugh)

Well the guy from Optus couldnt activate my sim card over the phone cos I only have 1 name .... legally. So tomorrow is another trip to Springwood where at the Optus shop there was no song n dance about my name,lol, and I can get it done there, ugh.

I've been charged $7 for sending 3 texts ... never in my life has sending a text been so expensive, and instead of the plan expiring in 6 weeks it expires in 2, so not even sure that's a real plan, ugh Shakes head in disbelief. I have been a customer of Optus for over 12 years, silly me expected to be treated better. No amount of adding credit to the phone will pay for driving around the world for sixpence, ugh


Re: Activating sim card


Hi @jetmyx


I do apologise for the run around you've had here, this sounds like it has been terribly frustrating. Are you saying that you weren't able to get your old number back? or have you now had your old number re-activated and you're also not too sure of what the plan is that you're on?


You're welcome to send through your details in a PM here and we can take a look for you


I'd need to confirm your:


Full Name:


Mobile Number:

Are you the account holder: Y/N


You can also reach out to our dedicated Coles Mobile team on: 1300 644 741.





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Re: Activating sim card


The sim card was IN the phone. the sim card Number was stolen.

the thief assigned his name to the sim card..

Optus sent me an email telling me what my phone number was.

The sim card number was married to the phone number, ergo when the thief stole the sim card number and assigned his name

to it the phone number became his too!!!

I dont understand the techy parts of it all, all I know is that my number that I had been using to text & ring ppl with was no longer mine;  all of a sudden it  was somebody else's, ugh., and to top it all off any Credit I had on the phone went out the window too.

I paid $20 for the sim card, that included $20 worth of credit, ugh. The fellow from Optus 'gave' me an extra $10 to make up for the expenses I had incurred over the last few days. How nice of him, wonder who got that, certainly NOT me..

Maybe all u smart ppl can tell me how a number that's not even Australian has been assigned to my phone contacts ergo to me??

So the number in the msg from Optus is different to the number that's supposed to be mine, in the Contacts list, ugh.

The lady from Optus Customer Care said I should report it to the Police, she said it was Identity Theft!!  The fellow I'd been dealing with in the same dept said not to, that Optus would look after the matter?  How can an unAustralian number show up in my Contacts List as mine, when its far from ever being Australian??? This number shows up outta the blue as my number.

I'm tired, I've had enough. what's the point of having a mobile phone I paid for that's been taken over by scam artists???

I'm sick of msgs from Optus saying I have no credit. I'm sick of all this crap. No1 has the answer, ugh

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