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New Contributor Leigh_Mar
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$59 iphone 7 plan with 20gb data

Does anyone know if this offer is still around?  I saw it mentioned on another thread, just this month.

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Occasional Contributor CorporateClerk
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Re: $59 iphone 7 plan with 20gb data

1. IPHONE 7 32gb - 14GB DATA $85  PLAN:
Sign up/recontract to the $85 My Plan Plus and get 14GB data/mth including 7GB bonus data each month until you recontract, change or cancel your plan. Offer ends 15/04/2018. 




2. Purchase phone and pay in 12 monthly repayments & Get sim only plan offer $40 per month with 20GB DATA 24mths before it goes! 
New and recontracting services only
Offer available until 25/03/2018