4G symbol ON but not working?


So i recently bought an iphone6 of a friend & up until then I had been using a Nexus 5. I use prepaid credit for the time being and i have the sort of data plan thing for prepaid where it takes $2 for every 500gb and switching the sim card into my iphone, it says it only has 3G, no data though. The 4G option isnt even in the settings. I put the sim card back into the Nexus 5 and it says the sign in/recharge network, but when i check the balance via text, it says i have full dollars. Ive done the whole reset the network settings, restart the phone, airplane mode thing, etc. What do I do?

Re: 4G symbol ON but not working?


I would probably just ask Optus for a replacement SIM. Don't ask them to post one out, simply visit an Optus store and ask them to replace the Prepaid SIM with a new one. All existing inclusions, plans, allowances and credit will come across automatically.


If this does not solve the problem, then the iPhone6 is the problem. 

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