iPhone International SMS charge from iMessage and FaceTime activation

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8th Oct 2015, 9:33am

Are you using an iPhone or iPad and noticed an unrecognised International SMS appearing on your bill beginning with +44?  If so, most likely this would be due to the activation of Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime services.


Whenever iMessage or FaceTime are activated your iOS device sends a text overseas, usually to a UK number starting with +44 to complete the activation process. This is a one off charge unless you switch these features off, in which case an Int’l SMS will be sent again the next time you go to reactivate them.


There’s also an on screen message to notify of the SMS before you activate for the first time, similar to the below example:


FaceTime Msg.jpg


This is just the way Apple’s service communicates with their servers so hopefully this helps clear up any confusion if you see these International SMS on your bill! If you’re still unsure on what charges you’re seeing you can chat online to our team here and they can get your details to help Smiley Happy

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