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iOS9 Key features

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iOS9 Key features

Along with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus comes the new operating system iOS9 which brings along new features and tweaks. Here are a few key features that we think will greatly impact how you use your device.


Better Battery life. 1 hour of additional time before charging. New Low Power mode can extend battery life even further by switching off push notifications and email and reducing the processor performance.


Multitasking. With iOS9 the ability to run and view apps side by side is now available for some iPad models. Slide Over allows quick access to another app such as Facebook while in Safari. It slides from the right of the screen and sits there until you’re done using it. 


Split View places two active apps side by side on one screen and you can change the screen ratio by using the slider in the middle partition. Picture in Picture lets you continue watching a video or using FaceTime even with another app open. While watching the video just tap the Home button and your video will scale down to a corner of your display letting you use open another app.


Smarter Siri and Proactive Assistant. Aggregates all content on your device to be able to show the info you need, all information is kept on your device so nothing is shared with third parties. Improved Siri now understands more natural language requests. Together they will learn your behaviour.


Improved Security. New security features in Ios9 now make it even harder for anyone to access your personal information. Six digit passcodes are now the default code option which makes it tougher to crack with a million combination possibilities. A four digit passcode only has 10,000 combination possibilities. 


Two factor authentications also make it harder for anyone to access your account from another device. Any time you attempt to sign in from a new device or browser you’ll be asked for a verification code which will be automatically sent to your phone for security. Simple enter the code and you’re good to go! Easy for you, harder for unauthorised access.

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