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iOS Wi-Fi Assist

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iOS Wi-Fi Assist

With the release of Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS9 comes a bunch of handy new features.  This article looks at one of these new features – Wi-Fi Assist.


So what’s Wi-Fi Assist?


Have you ever experienced being connected to a WiFi signal on your iPhone and you struggle to load a page or watch a YouTube video? Usually this happens due to a poor WiFi connection; the work around for most users is to manually switch off WiFi so browsing is better on a stronger 3G/4G connection. Wi-Fi Assist helps by detecting the weak WiFi connection and switches you over to cellular data without you having to do it manually. By doing this your phone ensures you’re connecting to the best signal available.




Wi-Fi Assist is a feature that is automatically active when you first start up iOS9 and although the benefits are great, there are a few things to keep in mind.


What to be aware of


With Wi-Fi Assist turned on this means you may use more cellular data as your phone automatically switches to 3G/4G. When this happens the WiFi icon on your iPhone will turn grey. For most users this shouldn’t be a problem as in the past you would have to switch manually to continue with a strong connection. However, if you are finding yourself using a lot more data or your home WiFi connection is generally weak you may want to deactivate this feature to prevent further mobile data usage.


How to Switch Wi-Fi Assist off


Go to Settings > Cellular/Mobile > scroll down to the Wi-Fi Assist option and toggle it off.


To learn more about some of the other key features to come out of iOS9 take a look at


iOS9 Key Features

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