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Save battery on your iOS device

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Save battery on your iOS device

Low Power Mode

With iOS 9 you can now select a Low Power Mode option that temporarily reduces the power consumption of your device. When Low Power Mode is activated, features like Hey Siri, background app refresh and auto downloads are turned off.


To activate Low Power Mode go to Settings > Battery > toggle Low Power Mode on.




Turn off Parallax effect

This is what makes your iPhone’s home screen icons & alerts move when moving the phone around, giving it that neat 3D look. You can optimise your battery life by turning off this effect.


To do this go to Settings > General > Accessibility and toggle Reduce Motion to the 'on' position.




Turn Brightness on the handset down

Turning the brightness down on your handset can help prolong battery life without making too much impact on the way you use your phone. You can also select Auto Brightness which adjusts your screen to lighting conditions automatically.


To do this go to Settings > Display & Brightness and move the slide bar to darken the screen. To turn on Auto – Brightness move the toggle to the ‘on’ position


Disable Location Services

Having Apps set to ‘always’ having location services activated will use your battery as it is constantly refreshing your location via GPS, WiFi, Mobile data and other methods.

If you’re trying to save your battery it’s worth having a look at all of your Apps and changing the location services to either ‘while using’ the App or ‘never’, you can also turn off all location settings at once.


To do this go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and go through and select the appropriate settings for each App or to turn off Location Services all together – move the toggle at the top of the screen to the ‘off’ position.




Use WiFi where possible

If you’re wanting to download an App or play a game on your phone, doing this via WiFi will use less power than via the Cellular Network.


To turn on WiFi go to Settings > WiFi, toggle it to ‘on’, find the Network you want to connect to and enter the WiFi password if required. Your phone will remember these details unless you reset it so you won’t need to log in each time, your phone will connect automatically when it is within range of that Network.


Turn off Bluetooth 

To turn off bluetooth go Settings > Bluetooth, toggle it to 'off'.


Fetch emails manually

You can save battery life by manually fetching mail or on a time schedule.

To do this go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and toggle Push to the 'off' position and set Fetch schedule to Manually.




Turn off 4G when not available

4G is available in many parts of Australia now, however if you are in an area where there is no 4G coverage or you don’t need the extra fast download speeds. Turn it off to help conserve battery life.


To do this go to Settings > Mobile > Voice & Data > Select 3G instead of 4G


Keep Software upto date

It’s important to always have the latest version of iOS so that all features available to help with battery saving can be utilised.


To check for updates go to Settings > General > Software Update, here you will see if any updates are available. If there are any, select the update – making sure you are connected via WiFi and your phone is plugged into a power source and download.


Turn off Background App refresh

On the earlier versions of iOS it was thought that turning off Background App refresh helped to preserve battery life as it stopped the phone from refreshing all Apps every few minutes. However Apples support page advises that now the IPhone can predict which Apps need to refresh more frequently than others and that this multitasking functionality doesn’t drain the battery life very much.


If you would like to test this for yourself though, go to Settings > General > Background App refresh. You can either toggle Background App Refresh to ‘off’ to stop all Apps refreshing or alternatively you can chose which Apps you’d like to allow to refresh in the background and which ones you don’t need this functionality on.


How to check which Apps are draining the most battery

To check which Apps are using the most battery you can check out the battery usage % breakdown for the last 24 hours or 7 days.


Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage for the breakdown





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