I have been trying to get my voicemail working. I have spoken to a number of optus people over the past week. they all say "it will be working tomorrow and I will call you to confirm". I have had no call backs nor do I have voicemail.

Tha app says "we're still updating your service's settings with your last request..." 


I have poor reception and no voicemail. I realise that my area is not quite a black stop but it is a little grey. So i don't always get my calls. Voicemail would enable me to eventually contact those who rang.

Why is it so hard for Optus to set up my Voicemail as the app will not permit me to do it myself.


Re: voicemail


What you're describing suggests the order is in the system but has gotten stuck for whatever reason. 


Try dialling 321 and see if it lets you set it up?

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