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World cup buffering


How many people out there had buffering issues again this morning in world cup? Optus says no issues with optus network so if i am with iinet then only issues. I got nbn50 which should be no issues at all. Optus sport sucks and the govt should act and say all unsatisfied customers can cancel their mobile plan with substandard optus like recalled cars. Sick of optus as i only got mobile plan cause of soccer. 


Re: World cup buffering


Hi there,

I had a lot of problems using the Android Optus sports app on my Note 8 and I have NBN100, changed to the FIFA WorldCup Optus-SBS app and worked allright, better quality than the ethernet-PC connection. Use the same credentials as the optus sport appto login.

I hope this helps

Re: World cup buffering


Hi yes the PM agred. Why so colorful when load and wont let me logon at 3 in morning



Re: World cup buffering


Unfortunately the ultimate root of the problem is the fact ou Minister for Communications (Mitch Fifield) altered the legislative anti siphoning list back in Oct 2017 and the Liberals cut funding to SBS.  The World Cup was protected for free to air viewing as per the Anti Siphoning list, hence SBS had it for the last 32 years !!     

Please do call Mitch Fifield's office on (02) 6277 7480 to express your preference for the World Cup to be free to air on technology that works.

To get money back call the Telecommunications Ombudsman (TIO)  1800 062 058     

The more people that make these calls the more likely the Government will revert the Anti Siphoning list to have the World Cup free to Air.

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