Re: Wifi Calling - Pixel 3 XL


Just got a pixel3 from Optus on the basis that it had wifi calling as I get terrible reception at home. It's still clearly listed on your website as compatible


Now I find that it's not actually working but might come at some vague point in the future when someone can be bothered to work on it. Seems like false advertising?


I know it's pointless raging on the forum as the only Optus people who hear this have no power to do anything, but I still need to vent my frustration at this poor business practice.

Re: Wifi Calling - Pixel 3 XL


Completely get that @Matt-C. I'm sorry that was the case. 


I don't like being intentionally vague, but I just can't offer a set in stone date. We shouldn't be too far off and I'll definitely send out an update once I have more info.


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Re: Wifi Calling - Pixel 3 XL


Re: Wifi Calling - Pixel 3 XL


Hi @Dan_C, I understand that you can't give a specific time, but can you please explain to us exactly what Optus needs to do to enable this for our phones?


I don't understand how it takes many months to enable a service you already claim to provide so I want you to persuade me that it is a difficult process and someone is actually working on it. Because from here it looks like you're just not bothering to do anything about it - how hard can it be to add the Pixels running stock Android to a list that already includes most other manufactures?

Re: Wifi Calling - Pixel 3 XL


So I just checked the android updates schedule and noticed the following for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.


 Feb 19 Various bug fixes as well as support for Optus VoWIFI + EVS codec activation.

Security updates for Android 9.0

Status: Complete

However I still can't use wifi calling... Do we have any more information about this? I want to turn this back on as my phone is largely out of reception at work but I can get on the wifi which can make work easier if I'm not at my desk.




Re: Wifi Calling - Pixel 3 XL


That refers to next month's OTA update. So that's good news! Just a few more weeks and it'll be up and running.

Re: Wifi Calling - Pixel 3 XL


I did notice though this update was documented back on 21 December for the Pixel 3:


Various bug fixes as well as the support for Optus VoWIFI + EVS codec activation.

Security updates for Android 9.0

Status: testing

Estimated release: Late December


So did it get released for the Pixel 3 already but not the 3 XL?

Re: Wifi Calling - Pixel 3 XL


See message from Cyphar above, the patch for both 3 and 3 XL will hopefully be in February's release .

Re: Wifi Calling - Pixel 3 XL


Signed up with Optus yesterday and got a Pixel3 all on the basis that WiFi calling was available on this handset. Now I find that it may be coming at some stage but this thread has been going for months. 

Has there been any recent progress on getting the Pixel 3 onto WiFi calling or have I signed up for something unsuitable on incorrect info? 

Re: Wifi Calling - Pixel 3 XL


We still don't know when it's coming to the Pixel 3 line, which is a right shame. I've been after this information since launch but there was something about February listed but we don't know for sure if that's going to eventuate or not. We can hope, but since I'm a customer like you, I have no idea properly. An actual timeline for it would have been nice from Optus but all we got was "at some point in around 6 months"

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