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New Contributor

WhatsApp installation problem

I have been trying to re-install WhatsApp on my android.  I had it previously, and now  it won't verify my phone number.  On the trouble shooting page, I have tried all the suggestions, execpt this:

"If you can connect to other applications on your data network, but not WhatsApp, it could be that your mobile provider has configured your wireless access points to block certain chat applications. Try this if WhatsApp still will not work on data only:

Contact your mobile provider and ask them about different access point settings to run chat apps.
They will guide you through a process in which you will manually configure your data network and web settings."

Any help would be appreciated.


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Crowd Champion
Crowd Champion

Re: WhatsApp installation problem

remove the app, reinstall it. When ask to verfy phone, select autralia, if show as +61 then put in your number after the 0, ie 412 123 456. if not then put in the full number. Sometime Whatsapp will lock you out after few attemps. if that is the cause the select the call me option. Have a pen and paper ready to record the verification code and input that into your phone. 

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