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I have checked my call forwarding this is the number +61411990001


I called 1509 it says that my voice Mail is active


Yet when I call, the call stops on the phone says missed call after 20 seconds. Yet the caller phone keeps ringing for another 20 seconds then says Optus advises that the number you have dialled is incomplete.


Why? Nobody can leave messages it's really annoying and very important that I can access this feature.

Re: Voice Mail


Soooo is no Optus representative going to assist in getting this issue fixed?????


Re: Voice Mail


I need some help with fixing this issue please, I am missing important messages, because the caller is unable to leave them.

Re: Voice Mail


This is not something that we can assist with here on the forum. 

If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details. 

If not, please chat with us.  

I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community. This guide explains how everything works on here and you should also check out our Community Guidelines.

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