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Unlock old postpaid Samsung phone


I'd like to unlock my old Samsung post-paid phone I got about 2013, and have had sitting in a drawer since I upgraded.  When I try the Optus unlock page and enter the IMEI I get an error message saying this is not a prepaid phone.  I know that Smiley Happy  How do I get an old post-paid phone unlocked?

Thanks Phil


Re: Unlock old postpaid Samsung phone


Are you sure its locked Phil as postpaid devices have been sold unlocked for many years. Have you tried another carrier sim?

Re: Unlock old postpaid Samsung phone


Thanks for your reply.  I tried a telstra sim and get a message selected network not available. In settings - about phone - status its shows the network as Yes Optus (which is why I thought it is locked to Optus).  Your reply made me check settings - wireless and networks - mobile networks - network operators which only show yes optus and vodaphone.  I guess its phone compatibility with the telstra network rather than being locked to Optus, and  I'll have to try a vodaphone sim to find out if it actually is locked?



Re: Unlock old postpaid Samsung phone

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What model Samsung is it and have you tried resetting the network settings or doing a full factory reset. Don't forget to back up anything important if you are going to do a factory reset.

Re: Unlock old postpaid Samsung phone


I'd recommend a factory reset @DrPhil, it may also be a handset default itself. It would really depend on the model and age of the phone itself as well.

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