Unlock my phone feom the Optus Network


So if i unlock my phone which from what i read can be done after you have your post paid phone for 6 months will i be able to update the firmware straight away instead of waiting for optus to process the update? I own a huawei mate 10 pro and am getting frustrated with how long it takes for the network to process it... 

Re: Unlock my phone feom the Optus Network


Changing Firmware is not a UnLock, when a carrier sells a Branded Firmware Handset, the only way to change it to generic, is via un-official ways, or by the manafacturer, Optus will not provide you a generic firmware.  Only unlock the handset (which would not be locked as its postpaid) to work on another carrier, with the Optus Branded Firmware.


This is common place on all carriers, Optus are not the only ones that do this.  Keep in mind by changing your firmware, you will void your product warrenty. 

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