Unable to send MMS on Samsung S9


Any ideas on how to resolve issue with not being able to send pictures MMS using a Samsung S9. I also had this exact issue with a Samsung S7 Edge so doubt its a phone issue.


So far have completed all steps as suggested in the Optus troubleshoot guide online and have reset the APN and added a MMS APN with the assistance of the Optus Tech.


Not only has Optus been unable to resolve this issue, I have multiple screen shots showing icon with no/poor service coverage resulting in no internet access and calls constantly dropping out. All this is occuring within no more than 10km of Perth CBD. What's ironic is that it occurs often when I am near or can see the Optus Stadium.


In the past the only option that has been successful is using an alternative messaging app than the Sansung messaging app installed on the phone.


Are any of these issues effecting anyone else and what did you do to fix it?


Re: Unable to send MMS on Samsung S9


try turning off DATA and after that turn off the phone, this will restart your MMS

Re: Unable to send MMS on Samsung S9


I have tried this many times before unfortunately with no success.

I am noticing that I can send MMS to some numbers but never to my partners phone number. Any solution here would be great


Re: Unable to send MMS on Samsung S9


Same issue for me.  Just got the note 9.  Not happy

Re: Unable to send MMS on Samsung S9


Hey Susiebell66. Did your purchase your new Note 9 from Optus or are you on a SIM Only Plan (BYO Device). There's some different issues being reported on this thread. If you send us a private message with some further details about what is happening when you attempt to send MMS, how you purchased your phone, and what steps you've taken so far to attempt to resolve the issue, we'll respond back to you with further assistance!

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Re: Unable to send MMS on Samsung S9


Hi Mike-N

That's an interesting point as my plan is Sim only with Optus.

Along with MMS issues I have continued call drop outs occurring in areas that is 4G. As a result 2 phone conversations dropped out today whilst mid call. 

Time to look for a new service provider it looks.


Re: Unable to send MMS on Samsung S9



I have been having issues with my Note 9 since it was upgraded to the latest software update. First I was unable to receive calls. after 2 factory resets, problem appears to be gone. but, now I am unable to send or receove MMS. followed all the steps on troubleshoot, No difference. This morning, I have completed yet another Factory reset. still having a problem.


what is suposed to be a great phone, has turned out to be a real issue with myself

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