Sold refurbished phone, got email welcoming me to the old phone?!


So webchat was pretty useless.


Yesterday I sold my refurbished replacement I had received from Optus, Galaxy S8. I had been assured the phone was factory reset (after all, it’s essentially set to “out of the box” right?) but got an email this morning saying “Welcome to your Galaxy S8!” And an email about tips or tricks to set up the S8 etc.


Understandably I’m pretty concerned about my security. Samsung have no clue why I got the email. Optus web chat tells me the phone is “factory reset” when provided to customers... then goes on to say “well we preload the phone with your number for security”. Right.


The old S8 was fully factory reset and details removed. I only turned on the replacement to make sure it works. Didn’t load anything up to keep it “as new”


Has anyone had anything similar? Any helpful suggestions or even sharing some confidence my details are safe? I have changed my password on my Samsung account, and deleted the OLD ORIGINAL S8 that was damaged...

Re: Sold refurbished phone, got email welcoming me to the old phone?!


Hmm, I haven't run across this sort of issue in the past but it might worth logging into your Google account to confirm whether the S8 is still listed as an authorised device. We don't preload a device with your mobile number; this information is held on your SIM card. The IMEI of the replacement handset may still be logged against your account. Was this a warranty replacement device? What email address was listed as the senders email?


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Re: Sold refurbished phone, got email welcoming me to the old phone?!


I’ll definitely check my Google account, thanks for the link! I delinked it from my Samsung account too (apparently I hadn’t done this correctly). It was an insurance replacement device, SIM never put in it of my own as the SIM was transferred straight in to my new iPhone X. I paid out the old plan with the S8 and got a new plan with my X. The email was listed as and haven’t heard from Samsung as of yet

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