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N o matter what i have done I can't get sms notifications sound or even a number on messaging app of how many if any messages are waiting on my s9 ph.. I just found 11 messages that I was not notified of.. it just cost me over $4000 as I didn't message back and they got someone else to do the work. Not happy at all  .. 

There has to be a fix for this somewhere but I can't find anywhere.. notification settings on ph are all on ..nothing on Optus..  should have stayed with vodaphone I'm thinking..


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Hi AussieSydney,

Have you looked under Settings -> Notifications -> Messages -> Toggle Off/On

and Settings -> Notification Sounds -> Messages Notifications -> Toggle Off/On and choose the sound

If that all looks fine, have you tried putting your SIM in a spare/borrowed phone to see if the same thing happens? Is the latest software installed? Extremely doubtful it is a network issue.

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Re: Sms notification


I'm going to have to agree. The fact that the messages are on the phone rules out networks issue so regardless of provider the issue would remain with the phone. 

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