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Morning inquiring it the new Samsung watch can be added to my current call and data plan as an accessory. As I don't want it to have it's own sim card etc etc. The CSA in optus today gave me an unsure look and told me how the card says is how it is. I refuse to accept that. I'm an existing optus customer with a "my plan" $130/month, surly I can add the accessory for the 20 per month extra to my existing plan. Or is optus doing the fun thing where that's only for new customers and of customers get the raw deal as usual.

Re: Samsung watch as accessory on current plan


You can add it to the newer suites of plans, not the older ones. As I've got an Apple Watch on my one for a payment per month.

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Re: Samsung watch as accessory on current plan


How old is old? My plan is about 14 or 16 months old. 

Re: Samsung watch as accessory on current plan


Unfortunately the Samsung watches have never been available to add to a mobile phone plan. Samsung watches can not be added onto a postpaid mobile handset plan (or SIM only) as far as the charges are concerned. It needs to be attached to a mobile broadband plan instead. The small positive is that once you've got the device, you can set up the number share with your mobile phone plan rather than the mobile broadband service so it'll work the way you want, you're just paying for another service you may not want. The 2 plans it's available on are viewable here.


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