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New Contributor Lauren2102
New Contributor

Samsung s9 overheating


My Samsung s9 seems to be very poor quality compared to the s7. It overheats when charging, when maps are on or when listening to music. There is also a dark spot on the camera and the auto correct is absolutely terrible. 

I've looked on a few forms and everyone seems to have these issues.  Anyone know if they can be fixed?

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Samsung s9 overheating

Report this issue to Optus as they may already be aware of it and have a repair / replacement procedure in place. My own new S9 from Telstra has overheated twice in 2 weeks and on the second occasion the device got that hot I had to turn it off for for several hours. On both occasions my phone was not being used, was not being charged and was not in direct sunlight. I will be raising this issue with Telstra tomorrow. Back to my trusty S7 with its cracked screen by the looks of it. Smiley Happy

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