Samsung galaxy s8 wifi issues


Hi everyone,

I bought a samsung galaxy s8 on a plan at optus yesterday and have not been able to use my home wifi. I can connect to the wifi but it will not load any websites that i put in the search bar. These are the following things ive tried:

1. Factory data reset

2. reset modem 

3. check IP address 

4. chatted online with Optus, telstra (who we have the wifi with), and samsung

5. tried to set up phone in safe mode

6. Restart Phone

7. Turn off mobile data

8. Turn off global roaming

i would really like to be able to use my new phone without using all of my data. Any help would be appreciated as everyone ive asked seems stumped. 

Thanks in advance,


Re: Samsung galaxy s8 wifi issues

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Might be wifi incompatibility, or too many devices on your router, or wifi bands set too wide. Try wifi the phone to another phone in hotspot mode.

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