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Samsung S4 tablet - stock & headphone redemption

Hi Guys,


I placed an order for the Samsung S4 256Gb tablet with the $60 plan on the 21st of October 2018. I was advised it was out of stock and would roughy take 2 weeks. I ordered instore Morley WA, this was a better option for me as previously I placed an online order and it went missing. received a confirmation but never got the phone and plan I wanted. Missed out on the 200GB double data bonus (100/100). That is why I ordered online. I originally ordered the tablet planning to use it for my overseas trip 3 weeks from 21st of October so early November. It did not arrive before my trip I chatted with the online help and the person was unable to give me an exact date of when the device would arrive. They only mentioned the 64GB model and I could change to that model. I did not want a 64GB device. I was hopeful it would arrive when I got back in the middle of November. But that didnt happen either.


I followed up again  on the 21st of November, which is 4 weeks after my initial sign up and still the tablet had not arrived and no update on the system. The online chat person advised that the device was in stock for the 256GB model and it would be shipped out ASAP. They mentioned that the order should have been esculated as a priority before. I was not aware of how their order system works but I did follow up 2 weeks after the initial  order and the chat person then did not mention of a priority. Only advised to wait for the device to come back into stock. 


My conversation with the optus personell on the 21st of November I mentioned that the JBL headphone redemption was running out of time and would like to receive the tablet before the time ran out. If it wasnt for the JBL headphones I would have gone for a Apple device instead. The optus agent assured me that the device would be sent out ASAP and I should receive it in 3 business days. I also checked with a Samsung Rep the cut off date for the headphones and ordered between 1st October -18th November were only valid. Last date for claims was 2nd of Decmeber 2018. As been told by optus agent that I should receive my tablet by the 25th of November I should be ok.


I was would be in Melbourne during that time but was hopeful it would arrive when I got back home. I arrived home in the 28th of November and nothing had arrived from optus. I followed up on the 29th November and was advised that the order has been recieved by the warehouse people but no device had been allocated to me order and has not been updated. The optus agent advised that the only option was to cancel the current order and place a new online order. They asked me why I didnt do an online order in the first place. I told them my previous experience with a online order going MIA. I kept asking them why the order had not been shipped as a spoke to an Optus agent on the 21st of November. They could not give me an answer. Sometimes I wonder if they do put notes on the account to show previous conversations. They repeatedly said they could assist me with my problem but in the end could not resolve anything. I couldnt order a new device even if it could arrive before the 2nd of December since the valid order period was over. They could not comprehend the situation. So after waiting 5 minutes for an answer they agent dissapeared and no help at all.



I decided to visit the Morley store and ask for an update and see what the manager could do. An optus employee advised that someone would call me next day (30th November) with an answer. That did not happen.


I also went to the Caroulsel store earlier in the day and spoke to another optus employee and advised of my situation. I was advised that they couldnt do anything about the order since the details was locked to the store I ordered from. But they would call the local state Samsung Rep and advised if I could get an extension for the claim of the JBL headphones. But no response from either the caroulsel store or the Samsung Rep.


So its the 1st of December and no tablet, contacted Optus 7 times, spoke to 4 different optus staff members locally and still no where. I am going to look elsewhere is this service is appalling. The online chat people could  not help my problem. They wanted to give me a work around and keep me quiet rather than solve the problem. They kept insisting me change my order to the 64GB model when i wanted the 256. 


Anyone else had to wait more than 6 weeks to receive their 256GB tablet?

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Re: Samsung S4 tablet - stock & headphone redemption

So your original order was for a Tab S4 256GB with 100/100 data and JBL headset for $60 a month?

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