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I ordered 2 x Samsung S10 plus with new contracts, I was advised I would receive the phones by Wednesday last week. The sales person stated delivery date is 1-3 business days, and stated 100% would have the phones by Wednesday. Because my other Telco is allowing me to break from my contract early, I advised them of the delivery date. Had text and email stating my numbers are porting. By Monday I hadn't received any delivery notification, so I called Optus. The female stated if I need the phones by Wednesday, to going in the store today (Monday) with contract to pick them up. I went to three stores and all was sold out. Then the manager of the store stated even if he had the units, he would have to cancel old order and replace (including credit checks) again. So I went online and spoke to sales, who advsied they had the units in stock and would be happy to place an order. When I stated I already had an order and gave her my order number she back pedal and transfered me to her teamleader. The teamleader was rude and basically called me a liar about the delivery date. She stated the person only stated to me 1 to 3 days to be delivered (ummm wouldn't the 3 day be a Wednesday). She said she will call me the next day and escalate the complaint. She never called. I raised a complaint online.

On Wednesday I went back online and again the sale staff are stating they have them in stock and delivery will be within 1 to 3 bussiness days. Advsied I would be calling the Ombudsmen. I received a call straight away from a teamleader and I stated my issue and the reason why I needed the phones as promised by today (Wednesday). She stated she contacted the warehouse who confirmed they have them in stock, but by the time she places an order they would've gone!! 

She stated I'm first in the que and should receive them by Friday. Well Friday has been and gone and nothing... no email, no call from the complaints team. 

When I call my old Telco, they state my phone has been ported and it takes ages to speak to someone. 

I've had enough and I've contacted the Ombudsman and raised a complaint with them and also ACCC in relation to falsely selling a product they don't have in stock. 

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I think you have a fair complaint there. Optus staff seem very happy to confirm items are in stock and will be delivered in 3 days. As you saw when what was thought to be a new sale became the handling of an existing sale suddenly stock got hard to get. Make the sale and then let others just keep promising it will turn up until one day it does.


What models are you getting? colour and memory? The Australian Samsung site has a wait list on most already so its not surprising Optus isn't getting any stock either. 


IMO at this stage I would cancel the order.  If you can find any stock elsewhere then buy them and just grab a cheaper SIM only plan (if you can afford the upfront). Otherwise I can't see the TIO helping much - they can only order Optus to either fulfil the order or cancel the contract and if Optus can get stock then they'll just cancel. Its likely the phones will eventually arrive before any complaints process is resolved. Fingers crossed its by the end of the week.


Peter Gillespie

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Hi Peter, thank you for the time to respond. The two I ordered was a prism black and prism green. 

I think I'm annoyed and frustrated with Optus for advising me a delivery date. I explained full well, why I needed the accounts open and wanted to know a delivery date. 

If I received an email, text or call explaining the delay, it would've been fine. I would've contacted my old Telco and advised porting dates. There is nothing on there website.... and the link they send is for a Iphone. 

Just hoping my old telco don't finalise the bill and close the account. 


Re: Samsung S10 plus.....


Hi everyone. I like this phone and really want to buy it in black. I think the black one looks the best. 

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