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If I were to order the Samsung Galaxy Watch tonight online would it come Wednesday? As I remember if order before 1pm you get delivery next day.


Also trying to figure out as I am not home everyday so trying to time it to a day I am home.

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There are no guarantees here. Why do you think ordering today means it arrives tomorrow? 


Optus will send you a watch if they have one in stock otherwise you might have to wait a few days or weeks.


If you want a watch tomorow then the only sure way is to visit an Optus store or any other store and buy one on the spot.


Old fashioned I know, but guaranteed to get results.


Peter Gillespie

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Because its been that way for mobiles, tablets etc so wanted to see if same  timeframe for watches:


  • If you make an online order before 12pm (AEST) Monday – Friday, you will be eligible for next day delivery

Source under delivery time frame:


Also if I could get to the shops I would thanks for the suggestion but it's too far for me and I am Vision Impaired almost blind 🙂, so I rely on public transport. 


Also just because if i order today since its after 12pm AEST i wouldnt expect it tomorrow delivery (Tuesday) I was seeing for Wednesday as an estimate so I actually know when to order it.

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Thanks for the link.


I'd expect watches are no different however just wanted to let you know Optus deliveries can be a 'best efforts' approach sometimes. A lot of posts here are about the lack of tracking, delays for stock, lost items etc. Chances are if you order today before 12 then it will turn up sometime tomorrow. How much confirmation and tracking etc. you get seems variable. If the item is not in stock then generally you'll get nothing until it arrives and is sent out.


Peter Gillespie

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