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New Contributor Rug673577
New Contributor

SIM only plan changeover

Hi Optus,


On Monday the 29th I changed over to a SIM only plan. The plan is your $49.50 80GB option and I added the Music, TV Streaming etc(With only the TV part costed at $5) so the total per month will be $54.50. I elected to keep my mobile number so presume I'll keep my current SIM card and only the plan will change. Is that correct?  Also what's the timeframe for the change from my old plan over to the new SIM only one?




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Crowd Champion MiCCAS
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Re: SIM only plan changeover

Hey Wayne,


Correct! You'll keep your SIM, unless you receive and choose to activate a new SIM. You'll keep your number either way!


Best to speak to Optus who can take a look at your account and confirm when the switchover will happen - I'd recommend live chat at

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Moderator GuyCS

Re: SIM only plan changeover

Hey @Rug673577 - if your previous service/plan was with Optus, you should be fine using the same SIM for your new plan. It's essentially just a change in the provisioning and billing of your service. 


If you'd want us to double check on the time-frame for the change, please send me a private message with the following info:


Are you the primary account holder: Y/N
Full name: 
Date of birth: 
Account/Service number:

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