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New Contributor denislh
New Contributor

SIM not provisioned yet????

I just transferred from Virgin to Optus, and now I am regretting it. I received my new phone on Monday 8th October after waiting for seven days to have it delivered. On Monday I was told my sim card would be activated withing 24 hours. On Tuesday I was told it would be activated within 15 minutes to 24 hours. On Wednesday I was told it would be definitely activated that day. On Thursday morning about 9 am I was told it would be activated definitely in about 5 minutes and it is now 5:30 pm and it is still not activated. I get the message that the sim is not provisioned yet.

I think this is disgusting service.

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Moderator Ev_

Re: SIM not provisioned yet????

I'm sorry to hear about the delay with your activation @denislh. If you can send through a DM with your account details - full name, date of birth and mobile number, we'll try taking a look into this for you from our end. 

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