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New Contributor OneFatLad
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SIM Card Replacement

Whats up fellas, 


Just wondering; currently I'm trying to retrieve texts from a number and SIM card that are still active, it's just a matter of putting the SIM card into the slot thingy. 

I have tried multiple times but my new phone isn't reading the card (it may be owing to the fact that after a rather hard impact, it has left my previous phone in several different pieces, and the SIM card slightly bent). After realising this and looking at the card, I noticed that on one end of it, the copper bit is a bit out of whack. 

Is it possible to go to an Optus store and get another SIM card with the same number on it? I don't need to switch the plan or anything, just purely a card which is less banged up than my current one. 



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Esteemed Contributor
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Re: SIM Card Replacement



You can drop into any Optus store and they'll swap the SIM over on the spot for free.


I assume you are trying to retrieve new SMS? Old SMS aren't stored on the SIM.


Peter Gillespie

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