S10+ reception.


I know for me the reception around my area on optus is very very poor. 


Has anybody noticed poor reception with the galaxy s10+ ? I have an unlocked version and switching from note 9 to s10+ shows low 4g or sits in 3g.



Re: S10+ reception.


Okay this needs much more info for anyone to do anything, more so you need to report it to Optus mobile support.


have you tried your sim in another phone?

yes > is problem same? 

 > not same? Faulty device

 > same? Faulty network 


no > please try this 


also consider a replacement SIm. 

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Re: S10+ reception.


Hi there. 

I contacted optus about lack of reception around my area. 

Tried SIM card as I just come from two other phones with this SIM.


Other people I know on optus have identical issue with reception around here.

Re: S10+ reception.


I upgraded my s9+ to a s10+ on thursday. We live rural so our signal 

is not as good as town but the s9 was always okay for what we wanted to do.

there were a few spots in the house the the signal was not so good but we were always 

able to get at least 3 bars or more coverage in most of the house.

This s10 cannot get more than 2 bars anyware in the house.

It is sort of okay but it made ABC Iview almost impossible to

navigate and when both my wife and myself were online at same time

it is almost impossible. I put the sim in my wifes phone and immediately got 

3 bars on her phone. So there is something wrong with the phone.

Will be going back to optus shop and looking at my options tomorrow.

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