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Refused new mobile service

Today I was provided a link by sms ( to check Optus stock inventory to help locate a S8+ phone in the color l wanted. I found only one available in Ringwood so I travelled an hour to the store only to be refused service. I've been with Optus since 2016, have maintained 2 postpaid mobile services, both of which I've upgraded yearly (one I paid out in full 3 days ago) & a home phone & broadband service paying the extra to get the 100mbps data speed. Upon providing my drivers licence for ID as l have 5 times since joining Optus to upgrade & add the additional services l was told that's not enough for Ringwood Optus.

The 'assistant manage' (Zac) physically confirmed they had the phone I wanted but said I wouldn't be getting it unless he could treat me like a brand new customer who he wants countless forms of ID from & not a customer who's poured $1000's into Optus over the last 3 yrs maintaining my account in good standing for that time.

I had to leave the store without a phone & travel 1hr back to home.

I'm an Aboriginal who looks Aboriginal & l think this was why l got the special treatment from Zac (the assistant manager). There's no other reason based on my extensive & perfect history with Optus.

I'm now disconnecting all my Optus services & advise all readers to look elsewhere for your telecommunication needs....Optus is a company who chooses to employ bad people who enjoy turning customers away because they think their job continuing is guaranteed regardless of their conduct & treatment of immpecible customers (who happen to be Aboriginal)

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Re: Refused new mobile service

Sorry to hear that a deal both Optus and you wanted to conclude was made so difficult.


FWIW while possible your ethnicity was in play (I hope not) I suspect the issue is probably more down to Optus proceedures. 


I don't know if Optus has recently (within the last two years) tightened its mobile phone process but the normal requirements do need two forms of ID these days (esp for mobile phones). As far as I know if you're an existing customer though then upgrading an existing plan (and existing SIM) should require further identifiction. Its unclear exactly what you were trying to do. Buy the phone outright? Upgrade an exisiting plan to use this new phone (also paying for the handset in the existing plan)? Or perhaps just get a brand new plan and SIM card and now have a third phone?


Depending on which scenario you might need to go through a credit check. Possibly Optus need to also confirm your identification to the normally required standards when buying a new SIM. As a thought, a single licence is no longer considered sufficient security and possibly someone could have come in with a fake licence with your name on it and wanted to sign you up to a new plan and walk out with a brand new phone.


Perhaps a mod can request your details here and you can explain what you were trying to do and they can explain why it was not possible in store.


Peter Gillespie



Re: Refused new mobile service

Hi @CoryC thanks for getting in touch. I'm really sorry they were unable to process the request in store. Was this for an additional service or an upgrade? Generally speaking, for any in store orders, we'd need to confirm 100 points of ID. It's in place to protect your account and minimise fraud. I can assure you, your background would have no bearing on the outcome. Optus celebrates diversity, I'm really sorry if you've been left with a different impression though. If you'd like further clarification on anything feel free to post back here or send me a PM

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