Premium PAID option on non Optus devices.


I can't change to Optus and feel aggrieved that it is expected that I'd reconfigure my entire communications logistics to obtain what should be a subscription app or subscription channel on existing cable/streaming services. 


As it stands, Optus cannot obtain my business though I'm willing to pay for the EPL. 


This model was dysfunctional on announcement and in year 2, simply seems archaic. 


I'm using the 14 day trial then it's back to "no-money-for-Optus-viewing". I'm surprised Optus don't understand consumers considering their history nor how easy it is to circumvent monopoly protocols if a product is held hostage to a carrier. 


Spend multi-millions,  likely lose more than you'll ever gain with this outdated model then likely lose the rights after 3 years unless access is opened to watch/pay for Premium through non Optus devices. 


I want to buy your product! Make it happen. Do you want my money or not? 


Nil Zero - "It's 2017 Optus, catch up"

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