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Pre-Order of the s20

I preordered the s20 Ultra day of release but decided to change it to the s20+. Early in the week I received a sim card and just put it to the side thinking they're just sending things separately. The following day I receive a text saying the sim has been activated. 

By now this is about my 4th time calling within one week. So I call again and ask why it has been activated early as I plan on canceling my current plan when my new phone comes. They have no idea why I was sent a new sim, and confirmed that in order to port in my existing mobile number I will have to cancel my order and do a re-contrating on my current service.

I have problems with my current service since 2016, I cannot merge my broadband and mobile so I do not receive a bill for my mobile service, which usually ends in surprise overdue letters, and expensive demands for payment. This is why I wish for a new service. 

So calling again x3 and after almost two hours of finding and fixing of my accounts, I was promised my new phone, ( the man on the phone said I will receive a Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra in blue??? I corrected him.) and that my re-contracting is as desired. Then I find that there are no current orders on my account and that I have two orders that have been completed/closed.

I am once again needed to call them but do not wish for another headache. Will my order be sent out? Are people already recieveing delivery notifications. Should I just wait to see if it arrives or just call and confirm for the 7th time. 

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Pre-Order of the s20

Hi fireandice,

How frustrating.

I'm afraid we don't have visibility of customer's orders or services here on our public forum.

Instead of calling yet again, if you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details.  

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