Pixel 3 XL call issues



Has anyone else experienced call quality issues with their Pixel 3 XL? 

I can hear my caller perfect, but they can often not hear me and advise its a terrible quality.

Ive tried factory reset and network suggestion as suggested by an optus store rep, still hasnt fixed the issue.


Ive found an article saying it may be a wide spread issue affecting random handsets 


I really need to be able to use my phone, has anyone got any ideas?

Re: Pixel 3 XL call issues


I would consider taking the phone in to send it in for repair/replacement.

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Re: Pixel 3 XL call issues


Absolutely yes exactly the same issue and my phone is 1 week old . NOT HAPPY  

I will be contacting Optus today and would expect my phone to be swapped with a quality product that works properly.  Google pixel 3 XL is absolutely rubbish for it's price  never again...... 👎 Google 😱😡

Re: Pixel 3 XL call issues


please, let me know how you go. I am currently on the phone to Optus going through their troubleshooting ... again.

This issue is such a shame, because otherwise the Pixel 3XL is a brilliant phone.


Found another news article about this issue


Re: Pixel 3 XL call issues


Hi - has this issue been resolved? I’m looking at upgrading my phone to a Pixel 3XL but this call quality issue (its been around for a few months) makes me want to move to an iPhone instead!

Re: Pixel 3 XL call issues


Unfortunately it hasn't, it's isolated to random handsets. Optus and google support are just useless. I have to give up my only working phone to send it back totget a new one sent to me.

Don't go for the iPhone, the pixel is an excellent device, the galaxy S10+ is also looking pretty good too

Re: Pixel 3 XL call issues


I had this issue on 1 day old pixel 3 xl.. returned for refund as it was my second pixel xl I had to return as faulty.

Re: Pixel 3 XL call issues


I've had the Google pixel 3 for about 4 months now and it has been very hard. I can hear people on my phone absolutely fine but I've had people reporting that my phone line is bad, they can't hear me, I'm cutting out and it's choppy. When I'm on the handset it isnt as bad. When I put the phone on loud speaker, no one can ever hear me and if they do it always lags. I've taken it back to Optus after 3 weeks use and they reported that there are no issues with the phone. I'm extremely disappointed in how the Optus store dealt with the issue and how dismissive they were of the issue. The representative at the store kept on saying they have checked the phone and nothing is wrong with it therefore we can't so anything. There is clearly a wide spread problem as there are various forums about this issue. 


Can anyone recommend what I should do? I use this phone for work and personal so having a phone that does not work is becoming a real hinderance for me. 

Re: Pixel 3 XL call issues


Hi, the store didn't fight you on the refund? 

Re: Pixel 3 XL call issues


Hi there,

Just clarifying if the store staff assessed it themselves or it was sent away to the assessment centre?

You're entitled to have it properly assessed, perhaps try speaking with the store manager or another store if convenient.

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