Phone only rings sometimes...


I have a LGL157BL android phone I purchased from Walmart. I've noticed that my phone won't always ring on incomming calls. From the callers end, there is no outgoing ringtone for maybe 20 seconds and goes straight to voicemail. If I call my own phone from my landline, same thing, but not always.I have noticed if I try it from my landline and I get no ringtone, if on my mobile phone I switch on the "airplane mode" for a few seconds, then shut it back off, the phone will ring. I'm missing way too many calls directly going to voice mail. Any ideas???

Re: Phone only rings sometimes...


Given that switching to airplane mode and then back seems to temporarily fix it, sounds like an issue with the phone itself. Either software or hardware related, or both, but I don't think it'll be a problem with the Optus network

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Re: Phone only rings sometimes...


I'm not real "tech savy"   any suggestions?

Re: Phone only rings sometimes...


Just confirming that you are an Optus customer? We get the occasional post from people overseas looking for help, the purchase from Walmart mention leads to the question.

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