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Hi I have been trying to access my account via the Optus app as well as chrome browser for nearly a year now. 101 different things would come up preventing me from doing so. My password would change when I hadn't changed it.  Then my email address wouldnt be vslid etc etc tech support were baffled and only this week have i managed to log in and stay and view tomorrow things on my account. Mainly for usage as my time with Optus over 5 years hasn't been very good.  Service and network coverage is crap but yesterday I was told it should be excellent. I had no service yesterday for 4 hours. I am on here now because nothing will load and my apps all have a mind of there own. System UI and settings stop when I go to see my data usage. I havent have used a WiFi for 3 months now yet I got a quick glance at it before it stopped and my WiFi usage was 100% on the graph and I don't have a WiFi anymore because my pc died and the WiFi was plugged to that. I disconnected the phone /Telstra cable as I was going to get it canceled due to moving and my dodo WiFi kept coming up unplugged. If I went on it a quick flash of no internet but then presto I was logged onto my dodo wifi... Does anyone know anything about phone hacking as my Optus my account has half the menu options missing

 Once again my data calls sms usage not available and yesterday someone took my name out of my profile I had to add it again. I am supposed to log in with the 4 digit password but this only comes about if it is raining. My prepaid credit payments over the last 5 years have had extra payments made as I would get an sms from Optus saying out of credit. I have only just found out that these sms are fake/fraudulent so I don't know where my money went. Can anyone advise if they think my phone is hacked which is why everything is acting up and stopping and deleting and coming on and off. I am just so yes up every night onto live chat for hours on end and getting nothing but iritated. I have checked with samsung and 3 phones have been remotly operated by their  tech guys and they just say well its working ok now.... And brush it under the the carpet. Someone help me please before i go insane.



Re: Phone hacking


Unfortunately, technical support can't do much about what you've installed on your phone, you've also failed to mention what phone you are using? 

If your phone has been corrupted by 3rd party software, they can't prevent that. But you can wipe the phone to remove it.

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