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Re: Optus X-Lite can connect to PC via USB cable, transfer files, but no software for texting ..

Well I have given up, but you can try the Nokia C5. There are a few on but I don't trust them. They say brand new but further down they say they are refurbished. Look at the pictures, they aren't refurbished. They may not even work. One guy says plug in your Virgin SIM and it will work - well that's a lie. There is no USB cable included either. The world is going to s###, I think it's a total rip off, so depending on where you are, maybe do a local pickup. The Asha 300 is notorious for bugs - I hope you like Angry Birds. I don't think there are any  of them available? If you can find a new phone  you like buy a couple regardless of price is my thought, as you see they want you to buy a smartphone, everything else is made to frustrate. I've lost contacts and so many Gumtree sales, it hardly matters anymore, I'm tired and broken. Virgin and Optus can both shove their broken promises wherever their kind traditionally shove things!! Good luck to you, hope you find a solution.

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