Optus Capped Data


My stepson has an Optus Mobile and we are paying for the plan.

Is there a plan that has an untouchable 'ceiling' on its data from the mobile end?

It is OK to adjust from an app on home computer but not from the mobile.

Are capped plans a thing of the past?

Re: Optus Capped Data


Optus doesn't do capped plans (past or present). Customers have no direct control over the amount of data top ups Optus will supply and Optus doesn't stop topping up until the bill reaches $1000's (because their market research shows customers would rather pay $1000's than not be able to watch Netflix for the evening Smiley Indifferent).


If you want to control data usage then either look into a prepaid plan (Optus will cut off data within a kb of going over any limit) or if your son has an Android phone you can set data limits and warning locally on the phone. Your son can bypass them if he wants but that would require a specific act of disobediance that could be punished with no phone for some time. 


Peter Gillespie

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