Optus Android App - Broken on Moto G3 after latest update V4.8


Anyone else having issues with the Optus App (V4.8) on Android, in particular on a Moto G3 ?


The apps has been working ok (I say ok because it doesn't cater for dual SIM properly, but that's another issue!) until the latest update. It now doesn't work at all :-(


I've tried clearing cash, clearing data, uninstall - reinstall, it's still broken


When it opens after the install, it prompts for permissions (why on earth does Optus think it needs access to that much of my personal data I don't know), so I reluctantly agree just to try and get the stupid app to work

I get a white screen, then it flashes up the same message, Sorry bla bla bla and the proceeds to list a whole number of reasons why the app might not work (they never say because they coded it badly though!)


I have to now log into the web page for my account (which works!!!!) and find out my usage that way


Very annoying

What else to try?
I've not factory resetting my phone - that is not a valid option. Vodafone and Telstra apps work 100% fine on the same phone, as does every other app I install, so why not the Optus app after the last update (v4.8) ?

Re: Optus Android App - Broken on Moto G3 after latest update V4.8


ok - update and a workaround


I got it to work (I seem to remember doing this a LONG time ago but had a brain memory fart)


The workaround does highlight a lack of dual SIM support / thought and consideration for dual SIM on Optus's part however


If you run into this issue of not being able to install the app on a dual SIM phone, try the following


1. Disable non Optus SIMS
2. Disable WiFi
3. Launch the app (after installing of course!), it will go through verification and then open up a page waiting for a 4 digit PIN
4. Optus will SMS you the 4 digit PIN (took about 1 min to get the PIN)
5. Enter the PIN and it will then ask for your Name (nickname etc), then your done :-)
6. Now go back and turn back on your non Optus SIM


It's a shame the app doesn't allow you to select the SIM because your left in the dark about what's happening underneath the app and why it's failing.


Anyhow, the above worked for me, maybe it might help others...


Optus: Update your app help message and tell people to diable any non Optus SIMS when attempting to install - this may stop some calls coming to the help desk AND more importantly stop people getting annoyed at the App / Optus


Re: Optus Android App - Broken on Moto G3 after latest update V4.8


Hi @Maveri, thanks for the workaround. I've fed this back to the developers. -Scott

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