Re: Nexus 6P Random Battery Shutdowns


just an FYI if they told you to approach the manufacturer than they are breaking the Law.


The retailer who sold you the product or service cannot refuse to help you by sending you to the manufacturer or importer. You can approach the manufacturer or importer directly, however, you will only be entitled to recover costs from them, which include an amount for reduction in the product’s value and in some cases compensation for damages or loss. You cannot demand a repair, replacement or refund from the manufacturer.


You are entitiled to request a refund for the device payments portion of your payments, (this will vary by plan but won't be much) return the device and cancell the contract at no cost. If Optus disgree to this then call ACCC. you will need to have formally written to optus before they will do much though but I found them very helpfull. 

Re: Nexus 6P Random Battery Shutdowns


Apologies for the inconvenience caused @calem. We can certainly send it for repair under warranty (if the handset is still under contract) . If you’d like to chat to us right now, you can chat with our Live Chat team here:

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Re: Nexus 6P Random Battery Shutdowns

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With all due respect @Aman_B Did you read anything I wrote? I have already sent the device for repair 3 times over 8 weeks and the problem still persists. How many times do we have to send it for repairs??? Also last time I spoke to someone on live chat they said they canot do anything i have to go into the store. When i went into the store they just told me to call customer service as they dont have authority...

Re: Nexus 6P Random Battery Shutdowns


Thanks @soulroyale77. I am not sure how they calculate the repayments at Optus but i thought i paid $5/month handset fee over 24 months which should equal only $120. Apparently i owe $187 on the device and my contract is up in December so i have obviously paid more than that.

Re: Nexus 6P Random Battery Shutdowns


The $5 handset repayment is likely a subsidised cost, on your bill it should have the full monthly handset repayment, and the discount you receive depending on your plan. 

For example, a $1200 phone will have a monthly repayment of $50 on all plans, but more discount will be provided on higher plans. If you cancel/change your contract before the full term is completed, the remaining handset repayments are charged in full.


You can go to Optus or the manufacturer to make a warranty claim, but the assessment of your device is always made by a certified technician. This is why we have to send your phone away because the retail staff aren't qualified to assess the device to the manufacturer's standards. The only time I would advise someone to visit the manufacturer directly is if they're in a rush. Service centres often have technicians that can assess your device while you wait. @soulroyale77 is absolutely right though, Optus should never decline to send your phone away for assessment, but they wouldn't be able to offer a repair/replacement/refund themselves, the certified technician would need to confirm what your warranty allows.

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Re: Nexus 6P Random Battery Shutdowns


This is a common problem, phones do have problems, as all electronics do.

BUT when you buy a pruduct from a so called leading retailer you wiould expect to be looked after if any problems occur.

I bought my NEXUS 6P 32gb from optus as i have been with optus for over 10 years stupidly thinking they had a decent customer service.

within 3 months my phone had issues, so  i took it to my local optus store for repairs, they came back to me telling me it was my fault as my phone had a few marks on it, which voided the warranty.

then the offered me a refurbished one fo $400.00.

i was frustated and annoyed after the assistant woul not offerany other solutions. i just walked out.

i searched on line and found a replacement 64gb for $400.00 as new.

i canot wait for my plan to finish to CHANGE my carrier,



oh i did try to find a local phone number so i can voice my views as the supplied optus number, i was unableto talk to anyone who actually cared about CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Re: Nexus 6P Random Battery Shutdowns


Just wondering as it is very obvious that the issue is common in Nexus 6P devices, do we still need to send it away 3 times to get a resolution. It will be ridiculous if they still send it back and say no issue was found on the basis they must have already received so many same handsets with the same problem.

Optus even doesn't have loan phone in any store I went to. If the problem really needs 3 time sending away to fix, the experience with Optus is just disappointing to me.

Re: Nexus 6P Random Battery Shutdowns


Like many people I am having the same issue of woeful battery performance, plus the phone randomly disconnects from the network and it's not till I try calling or texting that this is apparent. I've tried calling Optus support several times, they always deny any knowledge of the widely documented battery issues and give no alternative to 6 days without a phone if it is sent away for testing. This is apparently due to the manufacturer's decision not to provide loan phones - if I'd gone with Apple I would have been able to get one. So just intending to limp through the last 3 months of my contract before bidding goodbye to Optus and Google phones forever....

Re: Nexus 6P Random Battery Shutdowns


I've having the same random shutdown problem. After about two hours on the phone (being shunted from rep to rep, including a representative trying to convince me to take the phone to a non-existent Huwei service centre, saying it was their responsibility not Optus's to fix it...) I've arranging for it to be sent back to Optus for the first time. No loan phones available for Android.


I highly recommend asking (repeatedly...) to speak to a supervisor - you'll wait on hold, but it'll save time and stress in terms of getting a response.


I'm going to attach printouts of this forum, of the international experience and screenshots of the shutdowns. Any other tips for getting someone familiar with the problem to address it?


If it doesn't come back repaired, I'll take it straight to the TIO. I'll keep you all updated...

Re: Nexus 6P Random Battery Shutdowns


Nexus 6P Battery issues fixed.


Dont waste time optus service centre has no idea on how to change a battery,which costs no more than $20.00 on ebay.

after my expierence with the service centre, I searchred the internet for many hrs.

So what i have done last week is purchase 2 batteries from ebay for both my phones.


I looked up youtube for help on changing battery on the Nexus 6P, which was helpfull.Unfortunatly 

Unfortunatly for  a great phone their batteries seem to have a life expectancy of around a year.


Once i done this, my phone battery lasted just like when it was new.

I let the battery go to 10% to see if it will shutdown, but it didnt,  great feeling.

Thats why i waited before i posted this.

For those who dont feel comfortable in pulling your phone apart, you can go to your local phone repairer and shouldnt cost you more the $100 as i enquired at a few retailers , and phone kiosks at shopping centres.


I amazes me that a major company like OPTUS is comfortable with the inadequancy of their service department.

I have spent over 10 years with OPTUS so what would anyone suggest i do ?



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