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New handset range

Hey everyone,


Just wondering if anyone knows when Optus will be updating their handset range and if anyone knows what they will be including in their new range.

I rang sales/customer service to find out if they would be stocking the Huawei P20 Pro and when it might be available; they had no idea. It seems so strange that they have no idea which handsets they will be selling in the near future.

I did think that maybe the big phone networks might get a handicap on when the handsets are available to them, to allow smaller resellers to make sales.



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Re: New handset range

So in regards to the Huawei P20 Pro - its only available outright from certain retail stores - its not via any Telco (not sure who decides that, but thats what is happening with that model).


Mobile phone releases are very public, there isnt a "secret" release of a device that only the Teco would know about.

What devices are planned for release is available on multiple websites online, but as to if Optus would stock these when they launch - thats something that most staff would not have access too, and probably cant release due to commercial agreements until its publically released.