Mobile phone hacking

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I typed out an indepth question regarding phone hacking and the very strange events that have been happening to me and my mobiles. I went to post and it came back with authentification error try bv later. So benefit of the doubt I tried later it came up with the same error and told me to go to previous page. I did this now I have lost everything inkeyed in. So if there is any help out there regarding phone hacking please reply and I will go into detail for you.

Thank you Linda *hidden*

Re: Mobile phone hacking

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Until you get the hang of it perhaps type long posts up in notepad or the like and copy them over?


Not sure why you think you've been hacked? FWIW most phone hacks will just be bad apps people download and give permissions too. Thread here  


The simplest way to resecure your phone is do a factory reset and install. Google will have backed up most of your stuff.


Peter Gillespie

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