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Mate 20 Pro not working properly with car bluetooth handsfree - no help from Optus so far

I have a Mate 20 Pro less than one month now and from day 1oneit never really worked properly with my car bluetooth handsfree. During calls it would drop in and out...    

I took it to Garden City Optus who told me to try other bluetooth devices and if it does not work they will exchange it because it is within one month. So I tried that and still this does not work with my car and not really well with bluetooth headphones too. The sound will come out of the headphones as well as the phone at the same time.

I went to Browns Plains Optus who then factory reset the phone and wiped out all my details. They told me to show proof like a recording of it happening and to try within the next 24 hours. That night I logged on to Optus Chat who then said they can not help and to take it to shop even though I actually bought this phone online. Only the shop can help and replace the phone.

So I went back to the shop this time to Garden City who were absolutely rude. I waited about one hour. They would serve other customers who walked in but not me. I am not sure if it was a racial thing but it made my blood boil. They did not need three people to serve one customer and then other staff members were just on their computers not serving anyone. Whilst another guy was walking around pretending to look busy, all he was doing was straightening up flyers. When I finally got served, the lady just told me they have to send it away and they did not need the proof as they will check anyway.  So I told her about the chat and Browns Plains said differently and that the shop can replace within 30 days. She said no that is not right, so I told her why did they not tell me this when the concierge who was off somewhere in Garden City came back after waiting 15 mins and made me wait another 45mins just to tell me this.

I walked off and then I came back asking for their names but they refused. I told Optus needs to have the same information and I just wanted their names. They stood there and said nothing. After I left again they immediately closed the shop. This was totally bad service, worst ever that I have experienced.

So now I am stuck with this phone that does not work with bluetooth properly when it's handsfree. I have tried an Oppo r17 Pro and Samsung S6 Edge, also S9 on my car (BMW X5) and they all work properly. The Mate 20 Pro drops in and out. I have Optus who do not want to help and have many different answers. 

I do not know what to do.. 

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Chat and different shops all have different answers like they make stuff up

We’ve optimised your post to help users understand what the topic is about and your question to be answered more clearly by the Yes Crowd community.

Very disappointing to hear about your experience.

If it is still within 30 days of you receiving the Mate 20 it should be treated as Early Life Failure (after completing basic troubleshooting). This does involve sending it away for warranty repair assessment. This can be done in store, with our chat team or perhaps if you don't want to go through those channels again, completing the request online.

Let us know how you go, I'm curious how they would replicate the apparent fault with a car's bluetooth. Have you tried it with another car?

If you are unhappy about your experience in store(s), you have the right to ask to speak to the store manager and/or follow our complaints process.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am now no longer part of Yes Crowd or Optus. Thank you to all those who have contributed to the forum during my time, especially the regulars! Cheers!
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