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Lost phone retrieve meassages


Hi I hope someone can help me I lost my phone months ago now. not to concerned about my old messages until now as a legal matter has come about and there is proof on my phone can i retrieve them some how 

Re: Lost phone retrieve meassages


I am not aware of any method of retrieving old text messages unless you have backed them up using a third party program.


Re: Lost phone retrieve meassages


@CozzaB2, we can request a call or SMS extract. There could be a charge depending on how much time has elapsed between now and when that SMS came through. 


Itemisations / Extracts are available free of charge for a 24 month period from date of call / period. Otherwise an additional $5.50 is charged for each additional period (per month for billed services or per 3 months for Prepaid) if beyond the initial 24 months.


Extracts may take up to 10 working days to be received. 


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Re: Lost phone retrieve meassages


Thank you will look into this straight away appreciate the help

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