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I don't want the accessory bundle


I decided to upgrade my handset when I got a message from optus saying they'll waive remaining costs on my current handset and give me a bonus tablet. I went through the process online and got a call to confirm everything and to allow a credit check, everything is fine. The consultant then offers me an accessory bundle at an extra price per month which I decline. I then look at my order a few days later and he has added it amyway. Now to cancel the accessory bundle I have to wait an extra 3-5 business  days (pretty much resetting the process) or pay an extra $17 per month on things Ill never use as I have already got the accessories I want. Is there any other way to resolve this issue? Perhaps I can send the accessories back? I am wanting this phone asap as I'm giving my current phone to my older brother who is without a phone (no contact to anyone)

Re: I don't want the accessory bundle


You really need to speak to Optus directly to resolve this sales concern.

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Re: I don't want the accessory bundle


It sounds like the sales person has punched in the bundle anyway. Were you in store, live chat or on the phone?


You shouldn't need to return the kit just now. Just put it to one side and sort the issue in LIVECHAT / Facebook. Optus can send a satchel for the items to be returned or you can drop them off to a store if they request.


Peter Gillespie

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