Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Green tinted display issue


That shouldn't be a problem.


As long as the device is still presenting the issue, you’re covered. 


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Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Green tinted display issue


Mine is going back tomorrow... shown here alongside my son's LG V30. I'm going to ask to cancel the phone contract but stay with Optus. Will come back for another one when they fix the issue. Back to my Mate 9 Pro for a while!



Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Green tinted display issue

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@Dan_C I understand I can cancel or get a different phone, but as apart from the screen I'm quite happy with my Mate 20 Pro, so would prefer to replace it. I don't want to end up with another faulty one though. Is there a way I can get my phone replaced with one that uses the less prone BOE panel? Surely Optus aren't just going to just keep stocking and selling Mate 20 Pros with faulty LG panels forever. I don't mind waiting. 


Edit: Okay looks like I took too long to comment and this question was already kinda answered: Yeah you can get a BOE replacement but you gotta wait for Huawei's new stock to arrive, probably around the end of the year. I'm surprised Optus are still gunna sell the existing stock while knowing most of them are buggered. Is that even legal? Anyway as this was the last question I was waiting for an answer to, I'm gunna mark this one as solved. 

Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Green tinted display issue


It is indeed a great phone and Optus has a great contract coming with it. I would have stayed with Optus too if it wasn't the attitude of call staffs and shop staffs especially the shops. I want to go in to those shops being rudely brushing me off to ask them to read the directive order and asked them to send away instead of me.. but then they my damage the phone before sending away hahahah... Oh well thanks @Dan_C for the resolution, and everyone for contributions.


I recommend you guys just wait for the new batch and recontract early next year if China is getting end of December. Chances of old stock BOE might develop green tint too as reported..I going to the safer option of just purchasing outright from JBHifi next year after either Huawei gives out an official statement or JBHifi can confirm it is newer stock.. or if Optus offers a better deal then I'll see (was initially planning to get another one ontop of my service for my dad)

Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Green tinted display issue

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Just letting everyone know in case they are unsure that my phone which is the LG screen model, dual sim in black purchased outright has no issues whatsoever after 10 days. Unsure if mostly only the midnight blue version is affected for some strange reason.


Hope this helps 

Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Green tinted display issue


@Rob83 More likely you're just lucky. Less chance getting green screen with dual sim (lya-l29) than the single sim (lya-l09), so that helps.

Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Green tinted display issue

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As long as I understand now is Huawei mate 20 pro blue single sim (optus stock) will got a Lg faulty Panel. Now simply say even optus do a 1 to 1 replacment for us. We will still get a green tint mate 20 pro. Lol

Personally I love this phone so much expect the green Fxxking screen. I used apple for ages ago. 

I strongly recommand Optus can STOP selling this faulty Oled huawei mate 20 pro to our dear customers until the problem solved! I have been with Optus for 5 years already with A+++ service and feeback and I dont think I will change to the other carries. BUT Please DONT selling this Fxxking green phone to your dearest customer now until they fix the issue!!

Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Green tinted display issue

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@ryballs Potentailly yes. I just thought I let people know in cas ethey are still unsue as to which phones seem more affected than others. The phone itself is amazing even though i noticed some apps dont seem compatbible yet(like Flybuys) and android auto music apps dont seem to be woring other than goople music. 

Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Green tinted display issue

Dan_C Do we have to do this in 14 days? or we can wait till later to get either replacement or cancellation after 14 days ? I do want to keep Mate20 pro and stay with Optus, wait till BOE stock arrived then replace. However If I have to do it in 14 days, I have no choice but to cancel now.

Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Green tinted display issue


Update on mine. I took the Huawei path and had it replaced there.

They are now sending me a brand new replacement.

I have asked the person who called me who is probably from their warehouse and she has informed me that Huawei has rectified the issue and the stock should be defect free. That wasn't very reassuring but all I can do is wait. If the phone I get from Huawei is defective then I will also take the cancellation path and instead go to Vodafone and try my luck there. 


I still love the phone despite these issues and I have already bought the screen protectors and case for it. Although all that isnt really much of a big deal if I choose to just switch to another phone if this is gonna drag along till December or January.



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