Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Green tinted display issue


Update on my situation:
If you are going to cancel your plan make sure to take the phone with the box and everything in the box into the store!

Walked into an Optus store today and spoke to the manager who was aware of the process and very helpful to my surprise. I got informed that I'll need to hand in the phone with the box and everything it came in and only then I'd be able to cancel/recontacct with a different handset! Just thought I'd post and update so might save someone here a second trip back to store lol.

@Dan_C thank you for your help and efforts buddy! One question as I read the new posts and talk of new "Uneffected" handsets. How can Optus/us be sure the stock is not effected??

Huawei mate 20 pro green tint issue


Does anyone know if we can get replacement in store as this whole thing is a bloody headache

Re: Huawei mate 20 pro green tint issue

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I barely noticed this a few days ago but now its getting more obvious.

Checked this on my S7 and the colour is uniform.


@Dan_C This has been asked many times already but no response that i'm aware of.

My issue along  with many others is that at this point is tolerable till a new batch of fixed handsets are released.

Can you guaranteed that the replacemept process will be as (relatively) painless for customers in the future as it is right now?

Otherwise the best option would be to cancel?

Re: Huawei mate 20 pro green tint issue


The process that Optus is using right now seems to be that they will return all affected handsets to Huawei which is supposed to be replaced with "known good" units. Not sure if Huawei how the "known good" is determined (BOE screen?) but they are no longer doing any upfront replacements with affected LG stocks. The manager of the store I went to said that they had returned all their existing Mate 20 Pro units back to the warehouse/Huawei.


Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Green tinted display issue


Hi Guys,


So just a follow up on my post yesterday. I've went in to the optus store in Macquarie Centre today and as soon as I mention Huawei Mate 20 pro the guy know what I'm talking about. He first offered me the RMA path where he takes my phone and sents it to the warehouse, wait for them to sent a "verify problem free" replacement and will notify me to come and collect, and he said that it will take about a weeks time.


After I shown him some post on this threat he went in to check with his manager, then comes back and say that the other option for me is to give me one of the phone they have in store right now, but it's not guarantee problem free. I've check to made sure that if the replacement have the same issue they will have no problem replacing that one as well, and I've asked him to check the S/N on the box to make sure it's a 18Bxx (Nov18) stock. So I took the replacement cuz I don't want to be without a phone for a week+.


Just got back and turned on the device, downloaded Device on HW app and it showed that this is actually a BOE screen! So fingers cross that this one is problem free. Great work from the team at optus Macquarie Park making this as hassle free as possible!

Re: Huawei mate 20 pro green tint issue


What does that mean exactly? They take my phone and I continue to pay $45 pm till huawei sort it out?!

Re: Huawei mate 20 pro green tint issue


What you say is correct. This is also poor form of customer service because this issue is well known now and action should have been taken by Optus to stock their stores with 'known good stock' versus forcing customers like me to go to the store to return the phone, and then having to come back to the store to collect it again. Very time consuming and can be seen as not customer experience focus.


Ultimately, if good stock can be swapped in store they should do it. Optus and all other telcos need to realise that phones are not just phones anymore, and having a situation where you do not have a phone or having to use a temporary loaner interrupts the digital world and transactions we do on the 'phone' (which is really now a digital wallet / card case / social connection / calendar / calculator / etc etc etc)

Re: Huawei mate 20 pro green tint issue


So based on my conversation with the store manager, there is no more stock in the stores (probably until they get this sorted). 

So, until the process changes again, you won't be able to do an immediate 1 to 1 swap in store. They have to send it off for the replacement to come. According to their information, it should take about a week which is hard if you're going to be stuck without a phone. I'm glad I didn't sell my Iphone X yet so I'm back with that for the moment until my replacements arrived. 


If it's critical, I would say probably wait a while to see if there is going to be another process change on this once the dust settles. I think it's all pretty fluid right now.

Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Green tinted display issue


Hi @Dan_C, I'm experiencing the green tint on my Huawei M20Pro and have been reading through these posts to understand my options, there's a lot of posts so I thought I'd ask directly as it looks like you've been really helpful.


I've contacted live chat and they've advised me to go in store to have it checked.  I am planning to head into a store this week and I'd like the option of cancelling the contract.  I wish to stay with optus but use my old phone until a new model comes out that I wish to contract to.  The Mate 20 Pro was the only phone i was interested in but am not comfortable keeping it now that this problem has occured.  When i go in store how do I best approach this request? Just don't want to get the run around, I want to return the phone, cancel the contract and go onto a BYO plan and then probably recontract when new phones come out in Quater 2 2019


Any advice Appreicated.



Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Green tinted display issue


so I just got "Your claim BASC has been completed. Your dealer will be in contact with you within 2 business days to arrange collection of your device. Rgds Optus" ... now I think if this one does it and I'll be keeping a close eye on it that it will be returned for good Smiley Sad and if the 30 days to cancel is correct then I'll have just about a week

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