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I highly doubt it is anything to do with adding branding. I have been in the IT industry specialising in VOIP since the late 90s. It is not a trivial matter to get something like VoWifi to work between 2 different vendors if either would be compromised by doing so. If Optus infrastructure does not support the Huawei implementation of VoWifi, this could be due to a non-conforming component in either system, or simply a mismatch. Optus can't simply change their network for one brand of handset, potentially at the detriment of others. 


I am in the same boat here, with a .206 build that does not pass CTS. However, it is easy to be a keyboard warrior and cast dispersons on both Huawei and Optus, but it is  probably a bit more involved than most people think. VoWifi is a complex thing to setup when it has to be totally seamless, hopping between it, VoLTE and 3G. The more complex the networks become, the more we will see these problems I would  suggest. Optus has sold us a product that essentially worked fine since it was introduced. We can talk about security patches being out of date, etc, but unless there are security patches that affect us, or the devices, I think we are being impatient expecting updates every few weeks. I accept that I have mucked around with my handset and now I am living with the outcome. 


Just my 2c.

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@MrFixIt  Well you are incorrect saying that optus sold a device that worked fine.


A) I had constant call dropouts


B) I had calls that were dialled by a person but never received on my phone


C) Constant inconsistent Google Maps Errors


All these were miraculously fixed as soon as I flashed .198

This indicates a device that was not working fine due to a software glitch.

Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro Firmware Updates


@Dazkatmaka11 Fair enough if you had these issues, but I had no such issues and I haven't heard these as being endemic with others. Happy to be corrected though.


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@MrFixIt  worldwide it must have had some impact because several firmware change logs stated fixes issues with call stability.

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Hi guys i found an issue with the latest 212 update. When using whatsapp video call the screen timeout kicks in. If the timeout is set to 1 min the screen turns off at 1 min during video calls. Found a few people with same issue using huawei handsets. Not just the mate 20 pro. Can anyone try this on their phone please.

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On the recommendation from another user, contacted Optus tech Support to have the handset sent in so that the firmware can be manually loaded.


That was a mammoth effort. 4 disconnections from staff and then arguing about the firmware.


Optus today sent me out a VERY thin "padded" bag to send my $1500 handset in to support. Really?


Customer service and support are just not in the same sentence with Optus. Sent my daughters iPhone back, Apple sent a secure, reinforced box for the return (damaged) phone. Yes, I appreciate one is a provider, the other a manufacturer.


If I could get someone with half a brain at Huawei, I would be happy.


Lift your game Optus. 

Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro Firmware Updates


I had similar using full screen on p***hub was just getting into my viewing and the screen turned off

Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro Firmware Updates


Received another update the other day, now on version - maybe Optus have actually been listening.

Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro Firmware Updates


Let's hope so! That update is only a minor security update. Let's have our fingers crossed for when EMUI 9.1 gets officially released they push it out promptly too

Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro Firmware Updates


How will the recent ban on Huawei by Google affect our updates and operating systems now? 

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