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Is there any update on this ?? we are now in Feburary with no Update ?



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This is an absolute joke. Still no update? I can't believe the lack of support given by Optus. 

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I believe Dan said it will be around a week or two since he last posted regarding the completed test. So I guess it will be from now till another week. I hope so... I can't wait myself. 

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Just purchased this phone last week and so far very happy, also just joined Optus moving over from Vodafone.

The security update being so behind is a bit of a worry though so after reading a few reviews I've downloaded and installed Kaspersky antivirus and so far so good just waiting patiently for the update now.

Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro Firmware Updates

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Hi Dan,


Just got off the phone with Huawei, they said that they have not received a requrest for update from Optus and nothing is planned. They also mentioned that .122 is the latest update (launch firmware) for Optus clients which is dated at 1st of Oct .

Is that true? can you proof otherwise?


Thank you.

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Holy crap, someone is telling porkies here and if Huawei is right and there is no planned support for this device from Optus then where do we all stand???

This is like buying a brand new car and the dealership saying sorry we can't service it. 

Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro Firmware Updates

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Hi @Dan_C @Dazkatmaka11 @garvanii @SteveV @tuloks @MrYJDrake @TechEnthusiast @VooDooD @Harro88 @Cyphar @ORANGEDAN @Rahullamba @whiteythomson @ryballs


I called Huawei and talked to different people, they said all the updates up to .183 has been given to Optus and they should not say that they don't have the files and therefore there is nothing they can do about it. Also all the unlocked Mate 20 Pros should receive .183 eventually.

I talked to different Optus employees, they said that they are not working on any updates and they didn't know about .146. They said that they don't have the files to work on.


Based on my experience with Optus's representative that is taking care of my TIO complaint, Yes Optus Forum and Android Update Blog, I have come to believe Huawei over Optus since they are releasing the updates on unlocked phones and there is no point in not giving them just to Optus and they also have no idea what's going on with Optus only. We're all being played here and Optus is not supporting this handset, they don't allow you to break the contract nor allow you to change your handset.


Things to remember:

1- T-I-O complaint helps and they will have to get back to you and yes, they have to provide regular updates to the handset.

2- Keep posting your questions here so this topic will stay on top and will attract more viewers.


4- Try to put pressure on them without being rude.

5- Use your PMs, posts, blog, emails as evidence.



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So we got an actual date yet for any updates? Or we going to leave the late January ETA on the website.

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Optus have now abandoned the firmware, they was starting mid last week but again abandoned this on Friday, I have been advised by an Optus manager that they are going to be getting from Huawei, not yet received so this could be another 2 months before it's tested.


By then there will be another dozen new versions released. Pretty pathetic service really.


They should just unbrand the handsets and be done with the testing crap.

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They removed my post regarding what I found out about Optus and Huawei after talking to different employees in both companies, good job Optus. I'm going to shorten it now:


1- Huawei has given Optus all the files they need up to .183

2- Unlocked phones should receive .183 sooner or later

3- Optus update team didn't know anything about the .146 nor .126

4- Optus update team is not working on any updates ATM

5- Handset has been left with no support

6- Optus does not think it's a contract breach


Things to do:

1- Put the pressure on them by commenting under this topic only so this topic will get most of views and will stay on top of the Android page.

2- T-I-O and A-C-C-C complaints help and they will have to get back to you.

3- Use the topics, posts, emails, blog as evidence for your complaints.

3- Don't be rude and DO NOT SPAM.

4- If you're studying law or know anything useful, please msg me directly.


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