Hotspot & Tethering very slow on S7 edge versus iphone 5


I regularly tether / hotspot using an iphone 5 and have lightening fast download speeds (e.g. a 100 Mb file is downloaded in seconds). I recently acquired an S7 edge and the hotspot / tethering speeds are very very slow (e.g. A 10Mb file is downloaded in minutes). The former is good. The later is unacceptable. For these test cases both phones are in the same location connected to 4G.


Is this a carrier issue or a problem with Samsung hardware / Android software?

Other than ditching the S7 edge, what can I do to resolve this? 


Re: Hotspot & Tethering very slow on S7 edge versus iphone 5



Have a look at this link:

A friend of mine had a similar problem followed this advice and in the end did a factory reset and this solved the problem.

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